Tips to Get the Most Out of Power Networking (Next Week)!

Here are some tips to make sure you get the most out of Power Networking:

1) Register early! Registering ahead of time will guarantee you get the lower rate to attend.

2) Try not to sit with co-workers or people you already know. It defeats the purpose of meeting and mingling with new businesses.

3) Have a 30-second elevator speech prepared about yourself and your business. It will help the flow of things when everyone is introducing themselves at your table.

4) Have your business cards ready to go! It’s better to bring more than you need because you will NOT want to run out.

5) Arrive right at 11:30am! This will give you extra time to meet some people and provide you with enough time to eat (and digest) before networking begins!

6) If you don’t get around to meeting everyone, don’t fret! We will send you a copy of everyone’s business cards post-event, just in case!

7) Don’t understand how Power Networking works or what it is? Keep reading!

If you are unsure of what Power Networking is or how it works, here is a brief synopsis so you can decide if this is the right program to attend for your business:

Each attendee will need to bring 35-45+ business cards for the day of the event. Lunch buffet is provided to give you some fuel prior to the networking portion of the event. Registration begins at 11:30am and the networking begins PROMPTLY at 12:00pm.

You will be given a number at registration which lets you know which table you will be sitting at. There will be a moderator to let you know when it’s time to switch tables. The number that you are sitting in front of at said table will be the table you go to next. It’s really quite simple once you get going. Don’t be intimidated!

If you haven’t registered, reserve your spot now:

We will see you next Wednesday!


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